How To Manifest To Lose Weight: 10 Effective Steps

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How to Manifest to Lose Weight

To know how to manifest to lose weight, it’s important to have the right mindset. Many people use the power of manifestation to help them lose weight, but there should be more to it than just believing and willing for something to happen to you.

Manifesting weight loss means choosing to put yourself up for growth and combining it with effort and action. Such as trying to eat healthier or forming an exercise routine. Using manifestation, your weight loss affirmations combined with a healthy diet and exercise will help you finally manifest your dream body.

What you attract can help you stay focused and in tune with your manifestations toward your weight loss goals. Focusing and taking steps toward your goals is one of the key ways to work through the hardships that you go through in order to achieve them.

How to Manifest to Lose Weight: Law Of Attraction

If you haven’t been using the law of attraction for weight loss, you might miss out on a crucial component of your success. Even as you work to your fullest potential, your thoughts can affect your actions, making you sometimes doubt yourself.

To reduce weight using the law of attraction, you must first work deep within your subconscious mind and then picture living as your future prosperous self and having your desired body. Understanding how to materialize the body you desire begins with your inner beliefs.

You have to mentally shift and be in alignment with your body weight goals. Have the determination and belief that what you put into this world, you will receive. Your thoughts and actions can shape what you attract. You must maintain positive thinking to correspond with your desired weight loss when you use the law of attraction to lose weight.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Step 1. Set Clear Goals And Decisions

The first step in manifesting what you desire to happen is to decide that you truly want it. Have a clear aim in mind that you want to lose weight and identify your reasons for that decision.

People make the most significant changes and improvements in their lives when their mind has made firm decisions. This gives you the drive to succeed, and with the right energy behind that decision, it will give you the focused determination you need to create the proper steps and make what you manifest come true.

Step 2. Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts

After you’ve decided that this is indeed what you want, you must focus your full attention on the outcome and not let negative beliefs sway you.

An important step to manifesting weight loss is becoming aware of your restrictive weight beliefs that would impede your weight loss objectives. Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts that limit how you think and act in your everyday life.

These limiting beliefs may determine your manifesting potential by bringing your positive energy down into a low-frequency vibration which is associated with negative thoughts.

How Do Negative Thoughts Affect Your Weight Goals?

When exhausting workout routines and calorie-restricted diet plans don’t seem to be working, you can get less motivated. A factor that you might have missed is that it’s your thoughts that sometimes decide for you. How you think can influence how you act and because your mindset affects your weight loss motivations, negative thoughts can discourage you from your goals.

Unfortunately, most people do not believe their subconscious mind is responsible for their lack of improvement. A negative mindset holds you in a destructive cycle of failure to lose weight, even when you include diets and exercise in your daily routine.

How To Recognize Negative Thoughts And Become More Active?

It is difficult to become more active especially when you’re used to making many excuses for yourself. Different people may struggle to get moving for a variety of reasons and most of the time, it comes from our own negative thoughts. If you recognize some of the difficulties listed below, there are suggestions to help you overcome them.

When it comes to losing weight, these are some of the frequent limiting beliefs:

• It’s hard to lose weight.

• I’m a failure.

• I can’t change the way I am.

• I hate exercising.

• I’m not beautiful.

• I’m not attractive.

• I have no self-control over my weight.

• It’s hard to stick to a diet.

Ask yourself if you are still holding on to these limiting assumptions about your body image. Most limiting beliefs are even taken up subconsciously from people around you or your environment. Be aware of your thoughts and the challenges that could happen to you. Avoiding negative energy does not mean you won’t have any obstacles. Being conscious of your struggles means you’re realistic and knowing that certain things will happen can actually help you be more active and stay on track.

How to Stop Negative Thoughts?

It’s easier to say stop thinking negative thoughts and just maintain a positive mindset because it’s beneficial to your healthier lifestyle. But your mind and your desire is a fickle thing. Negative thoughts will surface but they don’t have to be real until you make them real.

It is important to remember that this is a lifelong journey and not a three-month goal or a six-month destination. It involves frequent decisions and choosing not to believe in your negative thoughts about not losing weight. You have to be patient because change will take time and you’ll have to accept your body through all its stages. 

Reestablishing your connection with your body and understanding that a healthy weight is more than a number on a scale is an important part of starting your journey. It’s about feeling comfortable in your skin and loving the foods you eat because they nourish and fuel your activities, not because they check the boxes on your diet plan or because they make you feel better when you’re worried.

Step 3. Tap Into Your Intuitions

Intuition is the ability to know something is right or wrong without being proven. That gut feeling helps you make the important decisions that can align you towards the your goals.

You will have accomplished something significant once you have altered your concentration and begun seeing, sensing, and feeling your new reality. Tuning in to yourself helps you allow changes to happen in your life and body.

When you have entered the energy of manifestation, something almost magical will start to unfold as a result. Your intuition will start to guide you to exactly what you need to do to see your wishes come true.

This is critical in putting the law of attraction to work for you. The key is to have a positive mindset and create positive weight loss changes even in the littlest ways.

This could take in the following forms:

• Actively working with a coach or health professional.

• Having a new eating regime.

• Taking new specific supplement.

• Trying different types of exercise.

• Practicing positive body image.

And the best part about understanding how to tune in and act on your intuition is that it’s rarely ever hard. It just comes naturally because of the way your mind works to receive what you’re manifesting.

Through your efforts and what you manifest and attract, the things that draw you to losing that weight will be aligned to you. Hence will provide you the most straightforward and quickest outcomes.

Step 4. Embrace Yourself And Your Body

For your weight loss desires to manifest effortlessly, you must place all elements of yourself in a feel-good positive position. This includes changing your limiting thoughts about yourself and your weight, and start perceiving yourself as beautiful and capable.

Condition your thoughts to remove all self-sabotaging behavior so you can continue to have that healthy body you’ve always wanted. The more you adjust your daily thoughts and actions, the faster you manifest the weight reduction and physical changes you seek.

Appreciation also happens to open the door to manifestation. When you express thankfulness for what you have, you will feel proud of the way you are achieving your goals. Make mini victories in your journey and make it a regular habit.

Loving Yourself While You Manifest Weight Loss

When you decide to make a change and work hard to improve your body, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love and respect yourself in every way. Wanting to be healthy is your best gift to yourself.

Below are some strategies and tips to help you stay positive and genuine to yourself on your healthy weight loss journey:

Treat every day as a new beginning.

Begin each day by telling yourself that you will do your best, regardless of what happened the day before. There are no excuses if you genuinely want what you manifest. Thinking of each day as a new beginning will help you avoid falling into the pattern of negative self-talk that causes many people to give up their weight loss goals early on.

Be honest with yourself.

When you check yourself on a daily basis, sometimes you feel that there are no changes from your efforts to lose weight, even though you’ve been striving to achieve your body goal. But you can use it as an inspiration to work hard even more.

Set reachable goals and don’t jump into unrealistic expectations as this could harm you. Weight loss is a process and achievements can even be taking a new workout class at least once a week or slowly exchanging one sweet treat for a healthier one. This is a better way to maintain your weight goals and accept your body’s limits until you can finally move to the next steps in your weight loss journey.

Surround yourself with positvity.

It is well known that constant exercise is key to a successful weight loss. However, you may be unaware that physical activity promotes good hormones in the brain, which can raise your mood or even dampen it.

If you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to do exercise, you can seek help from a coach or your friends. Just as learning to love yourself while losing weight is beneficial, there is no more excellent cheerleader to accompany you on your path than someone who genuinely cares about you and continually reminds you of how amazing you are.

Step 5. Make Sure You Have Good Intentions

Make sure your goals come from good reasons as to why you want to lose weight and why you need to keep doing it. Your intention greatly influences your energy.

The motive behind your want should come from a positive place, such as “I want to feel healthy and energized” or “I want to look and feel good.”

For the law of attraction to work successfully in your favor, doing positive thoughts with positive intentions will attract positive outcomes. Your intentions are a driving force behind your goals. What you release into the world is what you will get back. Raise good energy to coincide with your goals so that negativity has no place to sit in your environment.

Step 6. Take Action

Nothing will happen if you will not start within yourself. It’s what the law of attraction needs to put it into effect. Manifesting doesn’t just work when you wish for something and then wait for the universe to hand it to you. To make it happen, you must do all the work.

Your weight loss manifestation isn’t just determined by your thoughts but by your actions too. Just as you need exercise, you must be mindful of what you eat and what to avoid eating.

Create a meal plan that includes these: 

• A salad or colorful veggies like spinach, sweet potatoes, red, green, orange, or yellow peppers.

• Fat-free or low-fat milk and other milk products such as non-dairy alternatives like almond or rice milk.

• Colorful fruits like apples, bananas, and grapes.

Cheat day is okay once in a while but try to avoid eating sweets like ice cream or cookies daily. Sweets must be reserved for special occasions and servings should be moderate. It can be tempting to try every type of cookie or candy when it’s on display but control yourself to just choose one.

Don’t forget that alcoholic beverages, juice, soda, and other sugary drinks are also high in sugar and calories so it’s best to steer clear of those as well.

Keep Active

Aim for 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week or at least 30 minutes daily. You can even maintain or improve your health just by taking a walk or dancing. These will speed up your heart rate and your breathing which can improve your ability to draw in deeper breaths.

If you haven’t been active in a while, you can start lightly and work up to 150 minutes weekly. You can begin by doing light or moderate exercises for shorter periods throughout the week. If that’s too much for you, even 60 minutes of basic activity per week can provide some health benefits.

For the best result, stretch out your regular exercise throughout the week. Even ten or fifteen minutes at a time counts. Any amount of physical activity is better than no physical activity.

Healthy Eating and Exercise Benefits

Staying active and eating well may help you attain and maintain your ideal weight but it also helps you be in a good physical condition. It can reduce your risk of developing:

• Type 2 Diabetes, or High Blood Sugar

• High Blood Pressure

• Kidney Disease

• Heart Disease

• Stroke

However, maintaining your health isn’t the only reason to get more active and eat healthier. Other benefits include:

•  More energy.

•  Helps you feel better about yourself.

• You will manage your stress better.

• Promotes better sleep.

Step 7. Body Affirmations

Affirmations are intended to boost your self-worth and confidence. It would help if you use these affirmations to motivate you to do better and keep you focused. These uplifting words may appear too simple and irrelevant to be of much use but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Studies1 have shown that affirmations may work because in doing so, it switches your brain’s reward system. In this case, the reward is losing weight.

Using affirmations can be a powerful instrument to help you change your mood, your state of mind, and manifesting the changes you desire in your life.

Here Are Some Affirmations Based On The Law of Attraction to Help You Lose Weight:

• I find it easy to maintain my ideal weight.

• I love working out regularly.

• I am losing weight regularly.

• I want to lose weight naturally.

Step 8. Weight Loss Meditation

Meditation is commonly associated with stress reduction, but it can also be used to help weight loss. It’s a great way to manifest a picture of yourself already having your ideal weight and it also helps you decrease your chances of distractions.

It relaxes your mind and eliminates the negativities brought out by stress that could pull you away from your goals.

Set out meditating 10 to 15 minutes daily and practice deep, calm breathing with your eyes closed. You will find that, sometimes, just a few breaks at a time lets you cope up with all the changes happening to and around you.

What are the Benefits of Meditation for Weight Loss?

Meditation aids you as a coping mechanism tool to reduce negative emotions. Such emotions can be guilt or shame whenever you feel unaccomplished.

Meditation can also assist in repairing your relationship with food and eating habits like binge eating. Keep in mind that meditation will not help you lose weight quickly. It will take practice and that means giving yourself some time to learn the process.

How Can I Start Meditating for Weight Loss?

Meditation can be performed by everyone. There is no need for any special equipment or pricey lessons. For many, the most difficult part is simply making the time to quiet the mind. 

Not everyone can easily put themselves in a meditative state. It takes practice, consistency and experimenting with various meditation types that resonates with you.

Here’s the steps to get you started:

  1. Begin with something manageable such as 10 to 15 minutes each day or every other day.
  2. Make a space or find a peaceful area to spend these 10 to 15 minutes. If you happen to be busy or your schedule is full, try to schedule it before or after work to avoid distraction. Make yourself comfortable once you’ve found a peaceful spot. You can sit or lie down in any position you feel satisfied with.
  3. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Observe your chest or stomach as it rises and falls when you inhale and exhale. Feel how the air enters and exits your mouth or nose. Repeat for a minute or two or until you feel yourself relax.
  4. Try to do mindful meditation; where you practice being in the moment. This makes you reflect on where you are, what you’re doing and how you’re feeling.
  5. Focus on your breathing for these 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. If your mind wanders, that is totally fine. Just try to go back and focus.
  7. You don’t need to rid yourself of thoughts. You can meditate to form a healthier relationship to what is going on in your mind. This way, it makes you more familiar with the types of thoughts that come up throughout your day.
  8. As you complete your meditation, reflect on these thoughts and be kind to them. When you’re ready, open your eyes and notice how much calmer and in a serene state you are in.

As you do regular meditation, this helps you increase your focus and be less distracted. Leading you to be more productive for your weight loss goals, as well as strengthening your willpower and intensifying your intentions; making you more aware of the value of your commitment.

Step 9. Write What You Accomplished

Take some time to start a diary or a journal of what you did during the day. Try writing down what you want to accomplish in the morning, and then before bed, start tracking what you have done for yourself every day.

At the end of each day, as you open your journal, repeat your positive affirmations from earlier in the day and repeat them as many times as you like. Doing this before bedtime allows you more time to consider and picture how much you’ll manifest.  

As time goes on, when you are in doubt, use these journals not only for affirmations but to reflect as well on the changes you went through. Seeing your own weight loss journey may encourage positive thoughts and inspire you to continue what you started.

Step 10. Let It Go

Finally, you must be capable of letting go. Very often, even our commitment to what we manifest burdens us even more. You can find balance in your life by learning to say no and letting go of things you are not accountable for. Let go of the perception that there’s anything wrong with you and then gradually, let go of the things you have been carrying around for too long.

For manifestation to be effective, you must believe that your actions will produce results. That you are working hard to modify your thinking and doing just as hard in losing weight in the hopes that someday you become a better version of yourself.


As many people continue to use the power of manifestation to help them lose weight, the secret to truly being successful in your weight loss journey comes from you and your actions.

What you overcome and let yourself transform into shapes you to be a better version of yourself. Your thoughts, your actions and well-being can all change once you let yourself be defined by what you truly manifest.

Thus is the beauty of positive manifestation and having faith in yourself and the universe. Trusting that your path is the right one and that every no just means that you need to keep going to where you manifest to be.


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