25 Best Peloton Program For Weight Loss

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Best Peloton Program For Weight Loss

When it comes to choosing the best peloton program for weight loss, it should be tailored to your needs and training level and comes with a strategy you can stick with to achieve your desired body composition.

There are various peloton app workouts and peloton app classes where you can join. While you can use a peloton bike to lose weight or improve your strength and conditioning, it’s always in your best interest to know how to burn fat effectively using any exercise equipment.

The Peloton Bike

The Peloton bike is a home exercise bicycle with a huge screen, front speakers, and back speakers that let you work out to any of the tens of thousands of classes offered by Peloton All-Access. There are many benefits to utilizing a peloton bike for weight loss, ranging from increased cardiovascular health, muscle conditioning, and improved cognition1.

While the bike might be your first thought when you hear the word “peloton”, the bike’s namesake Peloton, is a brand that offers much more than the bike. In more recent years, Peloton started offering other exercise equipments, including live and on-demand classes.

Peloton programs or classes can help if you find exercising difficult because of time restraints or feel self-conscious about attending a gym or fitness class in public.

Peloton Programs

Peloton provides on-demand and live virtual classes for spin, strength, yoga, and much more in their app. If you already own a Peloton bike or treadmill, the programs suited for the bikes are included in your subscription.

If you aren’t an owner, you’ll still be able to access the training program and other Peloton content in their app even without any equipment. Peloton programs are organized sets of classes designed to introduce you to different elements of Peloton training.

What Is The Best Peloton Program For Weight Loss?

The variety of peloton classes that focus on cardio, flexibility, and strength typically results in some form of weight loss. Nevertheless, it should be noted that one of the critical guidelines for losing weight is to reduce calories while increasing physical activity if you want to get the most from these programs.

Best Peloton Cycling Classes for Weight Loss

1. Power Zone Endurance Ride

The Power Zone Endurance Ride peloton class increases stamina and burns calories since you need to match the resistance for 90 minutes.

When you join a power zone endurance ride, your heart rate will rise during power zone endurance, increasing your need for oxygen and speeding up the burning of calories.

A peloton FTP test (Functional Threshold Power) is typically required to determine your degree of personal fitness before jumping to a power zone endurance ride.

Power zone endurance classes are the longest of all the Peloton cycling sessions, as their name would imply. This session focuses on achieving and maintaining a specified level and pace of riding.

2. Climb Ride Peloton Class

This peloton workout aids in gradually increasing the intensity level to slowly improve your resistance, which is excellent for weight loss. It involves cycling uphill, a much more strenuous exercise than cycling on flat ground.

An average Climb Ride class lasts 10 to 60 minutes, and some combine ordinary cycling with 15 minutes of uphill riding. Once your standard fitness has increased over time, the Climb Ride is a great class to enroll in. 

Diving headfirst into a Climb Ride class is not wise unless you are accustomed to rigorous training.

3. HIIT and Hills Ride

HIIT and Hills are peloton workouts that last up to 45 minutes. You must be standing or seated while performing HIIT and hills.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of exercise wherein muscles are trained in short, powerful bursts, burning calories. In addition, the structure of intensive riding interspersed with rest intervals makes HIIT cycling for fat loss perfect since it helps the body to continue burning fat even after the session has stopped2. This helps burn calories faster.

This climbing-focused session is broken into shorter segments of roughly 7 minutes with a 90-second rest. Given that it incorporates a variety of fitness objectives, including cardio, strength, and endurance, it is excellent for losing weight.

Pushing yourself as hard as possible during the intense parts of a HIIT workout is the key to obtaining maximum benefit. Doing two HIIT training per week over two days of rest in between is recommended.

4. Pro Cyclist Ride

You might want to think about the Pro Cyclist Ride if you are very much in your weight loss program and your fitness levels are at their peak.

This advanced peloton workout is perfect for maintaining the fitness level that diets and weight reduction programs have helped you reach and for weight loss.

The peloton workout focuses on interval training, increasing intensity until it approaches the anaerobic threshold, and includes high-resistance sprints.

This class ensures energy expenditure through elevated heart rates while strengthening your AT.

The moment the human body transitions from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism—that is, metabolism without oxygen—is known as the anaerobic threshold (AT)3.

Even though the peloton workout lasts 45 minutes, you can finish each session successfully because of the frequent breaks. This Peloton class is one of the hardest, and as a result, it strains the body physically. You will discover that this peloton workout is the best calorie burner if you sign up for it.

5. Tabata Ride

The peloton Tabata is a class lasting between 10 and 30 minutes in which exercise is done for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. 

This peloton workout is conducted while seated, with the pace and resistance steadily rising. A brief rest period challenges the heart rate, and HIIT raises the surplus post-exercise oxygen consumption while raising the anaerobic threshold and fat burning4.

This exercise’s intensity and stop-start nature are perfect for triggering the body’s ideal fat-burning response, which lasts for hours after the session has ended.

Best Peloton Bootcamp Classes for Weight Loss

6. Bodyweight Bootcamp Class

The peloton bike and an exercise mat are both used in this peloton class. It lasts an hour on average and includes HIIT training and many floor exercises. The fact that participants can request a timeout after 30 minutes makes the program entertaining.

These Peloton workouts are excellent for weight loss since it combines cycling and circuit training. Combining cycling with circuit training works out the lower and upper bodies and is great for burning belly fat since higher heart rates boost metabolism without causing muscle exhaustion.

Additionally, the combination of floor and bike exercises forces you to shift around often, which keeps things interesting while making your body work harder.

This class is similar to peripheral heart action training (PHA).

7. Bootcamp Core Exercises

Core strengthening exercises are combined with cardio in the Bootcamp Core. Although it focuses on the abdominals, most of your body is still working. Core exercises are frequently done after running and cycling to start the lesson.

These peloton workouts, made up of rounds that can last up to 15 minutes each, are excellent for weight loss since they engage the muscles and get the heart pounding.

8. Bootcamp Full Body

Unlike the Bootcamp core, this peloton class targets the entire body and incorporates cardio exercises. 

Since the two activities are alternated, the combination ensures that lactic acid is continuously drained from the system as the buildup from the strength training is flushed out with cardio. 

Because of this, you can exercise longer without experiencing muscle tiredness, resulting in continual, increased heart rates. As a result of your body using more oxygen and moving it through the circulatory system, more calories are burned, which aids in losing weight.

9. Bike Bootcamp Upper Body and Lower Body Resistance Training

You can anticipate engaging in alternate quick-fire exercise routines that combine upper and lower-body resistance training. There will also be a five to seven-minute bike cardio session tossed in.

All Peloton boot camp classes go quickly and are jam-packed with activities. As a result, once you have developed the necessary stamina, they are perfect for incorporating into your weight loss program. They also require a high level of fitness.

The Peloton strength training sessions last about 30 minutes and incorporate both bodyweight and dumbbell exercises. You will undoubtedly feel the burn from the intense workouts.

This peloton workout is designed specifically for runners to develop lower-body and upper-body strength, which can enhance your overall running prowess.

Best Peloton Running Classes for Weight Loss

10. Recovery Run

A long warm-up walk with increasing resistance is performed in the class. The class guarantees higher heart and respiratory rates long enough to burn enough calories.

The lengthy walking warm-up is crucial since it progressively increases resistance. Additionally, it aids in avoiding muscular strains and injuries.

The peloton workout lasts for 20 minutes and finally accelerates into a steady run. Your resistance gradually increases, muscle pulls are relieved, metabolism is sped up, stamina is increased, and you eventually lose weight.

This is perfect since it avoids muscular soreness while being prolonged enough to increase metabolism. Because of the slow tempo of this exercise, it can be performed frequently to increase stamina.

11. HIIT Run

The HIIT Run is one of the most advanced running programs for weight loss.  

It is significantly more intensive than the recovery run, and you can participate in this class if you are far into your fitness and weight loss journey.

This peloton workout is great because it promotes calorie and fat burning, so even if you are beginning your weight loss journey, you can benefit from it.

Running, jogging, and walking at a quick speed are all included in the HIIT run. The treadmill’s inclination can also be changed to work your lower body to produce an uphill force effectively. Even though it is intense, the workout lasts only a few minutes before the tempo slows to provide your body with much-needed recovery time.

12. Interval Runs

There are rest intervals between the sprints during Peloton Intervals Runs, which last 20 to 45 minutes. Two minutes of quick-moving motion with varying slope levels are followed by a one-minute recovery period.

The main benefit of these peloton workouts is that it helps you lose weight by burning calories and getting rid of body fat while improving your stamina over time.

Because it pushes you outside your comfort zone, this class is best if you take other Peloton classes. Since you are looking to reduce weight, a 20-minute high-intensity exercise session is more than sufficient for intermediates. Speed cycling also aids in the development of muscle and weight loss because it improves fitness and stamina.

13. Heart Rate Zone Power Zone Endurance Ride

The heart rate zone power zone endurance class is intensely focused. The goal is to maintain the same speed.

Progressive runners wishing to compete or improve their running frequently use the heart rate zone power run. Running is done at a heart rate and intensity just below the lactate threshold.

When lactic acid concentrations in the blood surpass the body’s capacity to remove it during intense exercise, the heart rate is known as the lactate threshold5.

Running below the point at which lactic acid starts to build up in the blood is ideal for fat loss because it causes an energy deficit that forces the body to burn fat for energy.

The focus of this session is solely on heart rate, which must be at its highest for up to 45 minutes.

Peloton uses the strive score to determine your performance while connected to a heart rate monitor. It will rise depending on how much time you spend in a heart rate zone.

14. Tempo Run

The peloton tempo run, lasting up to 45 minutes, is intended to test your ability and personal records. You can join this class if you are preparing for marathons of all distances, including the 5K, 10K, and full marathon.

It can be used by various fitness levels as long as you choose a pace that suits you. It is a wonderful option for enhancing aerobic capacity and assisting with workout recovery. It also helps you lose weight, tones your body muscles and stretches your stomach muscles.

15. Hills Run

The hill run involves incline running. It is easy to run on a flat surface, but the dynamics change when running on a hill ride.

Classes range from 10-45 minutes, and as the program progresses, the elevation gets steeper. 

This peloton workout includes intervals, and the gradient causes the heart to race while also engaging more muscles, including the gastrocnemius/soleus complex, the Achilles tendon, and the muscles in the lower back of the leg, as a result of its intensity.

Best Peloton Strength Classes For Weight Loss

16. Bodyweight Strength

Bodyweight strength uses only the body and does not require any equipment. 

This peloton workout lasts 5 to 30 minutes; the only “equipment” needed is an exercise mat. Squats, lunges, planks, and other workouts that work the upper and lower bodies are great for burning fat and losing weight.

17. Upper Body Strength and Lower Body Strength

An increase in muscle mass always accompanies increased metabolic rates. If you have a higher metabolic rate, you often burn fat more effectively than those with lower metabolic rates6

These programs emphasize both the upper and lower body; hence, exercises can target and isolate certain muscle groups by lengthening the time the muscle is under tension or strain during exercise, inducing hypertrophy.

Best Peloton Walking Classes For Weight Loss

18. Power Walk

Even if you are a new or experienced exerciser, you can benefit from the power walk. This walk combines upper body exercises like swinging arms and progressively raises the heart rate.

The 45-minute power walk class time can be completed indoors or outdoors, like the hikes.

Walking while swinging your arms speeds up your metabolism, which helps you lose weight7.

19. Peloton Hike

You can perform the peloton hike both inside on a tread and outside. It is designed for a climbing environment with several ascents.

The treadmill’s slope is gradually raised, which increases the intensity and helps with weight loss by using more muscles, pumping the heart, and speeding up the metabolism. The intensity is usually changeable, while the pace is typically constant, which is better for the joints.

If you are overweight or elderly and wish to reduce weight but may endanger your knees, hips, or ankles, this program is a great option. Walking steadily uphill will still reduce weight, but it is safe for obese people at risk of pain or joint problems8.

20. Walk + Run

This peloton workout consists of slow walking and running that lasts between 20 minutes to an hour, and no equipment is needed. You only need a smartphone since it can be done through the Peloton app.

This program is perfect for beginners since they have still not established the flexibility needed to run at full power. You can utilize this as a stepping stone and still lose weight.

Running and walking back and forth continuously helps to increase strength and endurance. The body can gradually go a considerable distance without the risk of being injured as a result.

Focus Flow

Try a yoga and pilates class if you want to lose weight differently. This can be a standalone activity with a healthy eating plan, or the Focus Flow class can go along with a more intense Peloton workout.

21. Peloton Pilates Classes

Peloton Pilates sessions focus on developing core strength that translates into stability and ensures ideal spinal orientation; stronger core muscles will result in a healthy, properly aligned spine, improving posture and balance.

Pilates improves fitness, breathing, and general well-being.

Pilates is generally used to enhance balance, mobility, and posture, but combined with other exercises and a calorie-restricted diet, it can also help with weight loss. This is because Pilates is categorized as a muscle-building workout.

22. Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics are quick yet powerful workshops that introduce you to the fundamentals of yoga as a stepping stone to more challenging ones. 

Peloton Yoga Basics is a workshop that guides you step-by-step through each yoga posture. Each session focuses on a particular yoga stance after each one is learned. You can utilize it to create a sequence of poses and concentrate on the ones you believe will be most helpful.

23. Peloton Restorative Yoga

An average session may last between 15 and 30 minutes. The body can heal from injuries, or muscle pulls sustained during more strenuous workouts with the help of peloton restorative yoga.

Consider attending a Peloton Restorative Yoga session if your weekly workout and nutrition routine makes you feel worn out. These keep your body active enough to burn off calories continuously and body fat while being more calming and less strenuous than full-on yoga.

24. Peloton Power Yoga

Peloton Power Yoga is on the opposite of the yoga spectrum from restorative yoga. The focus of this kind of yoga is developing strength. Because you use your body weight to work the muscles instead of weights, it provides a thorough workout and is an excellent alternative to weight training.

It is an excellent workout to include in any weight loss program because it stimulates your body’s systems for burning fat and calories.

25. Peloton Yoga Anywhere

A more practical method of doing yoga is Peloton Yoga Anywhere. It emphasizes frequency rather than the length of a session. This is due to the fundamental idea that regular yoga sessions are better for the body than infrequent, intense classes.

The class’s name comes from the fact that each session includes universally applicable stretching exercises. This yoga style requires no special mats or blocks to benefit fully. Simple but effective yoga keeps your muscles flexible and prevents stiffness.

How To Use Peloton For Weight Loss?

Create a Peloton Schedule and Stick to it.

If you want to see results from your workouts, consistency is key.

You’ll be inspired to keep working out once you start to have a streak. 

Additionally, because you will have to restart after breaking the streak, you will be less likely to stop if you see your streak getting longer.

Become a Live Peloton Student.

You push yourself harder when using the Peloton live leaderboard feature since you can see how you compare against other students in your class.

Live classes can be scheduled easily, and your Peloton App will remind you 10 minutes before the start of the session. It’s an excellent method to ensure you finish your workout and maintain accountability.

Track your Progress Using the Peloton App.

You should download the Peloton app since it stores all of your workout data and records your progress. You may view your heart rate, average speed, distance cycled, and calories burned. The App also has a significant function that lets you assess how well you performed compared to previous workouts.

This is a great method to keep track of your development and ensure you challenge yourself every time you ride. The App will also summarize your monthly activities, which is a great way to stay motivated. You may observe the performance of other Peloton users and follow them, which is an additional motivation to work harder.

Pelotons Pre-Loaded Exercise Programs.

Numerous programs, ranging from 3 days to 12 weeks, are available through Peloton. The peloton makes it quite simple if you’re unsure where to begin.

Each program is divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, so you can select the one that will help you reach your weight loss objectives.

This will help you create a realistic peloton workout schedule that will aid in losing weight.

Become a Part of the Peloton Weight Loss Challenge.

Keeping yourself inspired and on track with your weight loss objectives is easy with the help of the Peloton Weight Loss Challenge. It is always motivating to accomplish a goal alongside a group that shares your weight loss goals. 

After you sign up, you’ll be given a 12-week weight loss target to work towards. You may monitor your progress and see how much weight you’ve shed, how many pounds remain, where you stand in the challenge, and the potential prizes.

Read Peloton’s Weight Loss Success Stories.

You’re more inclined to achieve success yourself if you can see that others have done so. Seeing that you are not alone in your quest to lose weight by reading success stories will help you stay motivated. You are more likely to keep working toward your goal if you see that others have achieved it.


Peloton may be a fantastic resource for getting you where you want your fitness goals to go, whether you are just beginning your weight loss journey or have been on it for some time. Their numerous programs make it appealing for anyone who might consider taking one.

The app can be a great option for you if your home is not sufficient to accommodate a bike or treadmill. Without using any equipment, the app’s variety of skilled instructors will guide you through whichever workout you prefer doing the most.

But nonetheless, the best peloton program for weight loss is what you are most comfortable with and can enjoy. You’ll also come closer to your target if you’re consistent and commit to a set number of Peloton exercises each week. Losing weight is not easy, but being sure to commit to it takes you one step closer to your weight loss goal.

In addition, your weight loss journey should be successful if you combine this consistency with a healthy diet and with overall healthy habits.


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